Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Canucks finally win vs Chicago

The Vancouver Canucks finally avenged being eliminated by the Chicago Blackhawks (reigning Stanley Cup champs) for the last 2 years in the playoffs yesterday. Alexander Burrows got both of Vancouver's goals. One was in the first and the other was in OT. Johnathan Toews got a tie up goal for Chicago to send the game into OT. This rivalry got extremely ugly this year. I'm so glad that they wrapped up this series. It did go all the way to game 7; the Canucks also went into a slump in the the 3 games before game 7 after having won games 1-3 of the series. Nontheless, they got it done. I believe the Nashville Predators are next. They've had a fairly evenly matched season series vs. the Canucks. The Predators play a very defensive game that has frustrated the Canucks' highly offensive playing style. I'm sure we'll adapt. We're on our way. Can't wait until next round, then the Western Conference finals, then the Stanley Cup finals :-)

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